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123.hp.com/setup install hp smart app Printer Setup driver

123.hp.com/setup Manual

The HP Printer Guide we provide will help you to set up and install the new HP printer. With these printers, you can make your printing job quick and easy. HP printers are a convenient solution for all your printing needs. The 123.hp.com/setup guide explains all the HP printers categories such as HP Envy, HP Envy Pro, HP Officejet, HP Deskjet, HP Deskjet Plus, and HP Officejet Pro.

HP Envy Printers

Call us for 123.hp.com/envy printer setup, HP envy driver download, wireless setup, and troubleshooting issues.

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HP Officejet Printers

Steps for 123.hp.com/OJ printer setup, HP Officejet driver download, wireless setup, and troubleshooting issues.

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HP Officejet Pro Printers

Guide for 123.hp.com/ojpro printer setup, HP Officejet pro driver download, wireless setup, and troubleshooting issues.

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HP Deskjet Printers

Manual for 123.hp.com/dj printer setup, HP Deskjet driver download, wireless setup, and troubleshooting issues.

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123 HP Printer Setup

123 HP Wireless setup

123.hp.com/setup provides a complete HP printer instruction manual. HP printers are a convenient solution for all printing needs. With these printers, printing is quick and easy. The HP printers are of four categories – HP Envy, HP Officejet, HP Deskjet, and HP Officejet Pro.

Steps required for wireless setup

Here are the basic steps for connecting 123 hp com printer and computer with a wireless network:

  • Switch on the computer and check whether the Wi-Fi network is stable and secure.
  • Find the compatible HP Printer drivers for your operating system from the hp official driver page.
  • Download the drivers and start installing them as per the instructions on the 123.hp.com/setup manual.
  • Now, turn on the printer. Choose “Settings” on the printer panel.
  • Choose wireless settings and then select the wireless setup wizard.
  • Now, a list of Wi-Fi names appears on the printer screen.
  • Choose your Wi-Fi name (SSID) from the list and enter its password.
  • Now, follow the steps on the wizard and complete the wireless setup.
  • Pull the paper tray and load compatible papers into it.
  • Finally, print a sample document to confirm a wireless setup process.

Note: If you do not find your SSID name in the list, you can add it manually.

  • HP Auto Wireless Connect: HP Auto Wireless Connect method saves your Wi-Fi name and password on your HP printer.
  • HP Wireless Setup Wizard: In this, select your Wi-Fi name from the list of networks from the HP printer as in 123.hp.setup manual.
  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup: Use WPS pushbutton mode or WPA or WPA2 security on the router.
  • USB Setup for Wireless: In this, connect 123HPcom printer and computer with a USB cable temporarily.

HP Wireless Setup

Different options for secured wireless setup

HP Auto Wireless Connect  :

  • Switch on your computer and pull the CD driver tray.
  • Take the installation CD and load it into the CD drive.
  • Run the CD. Now, the wizards ask “Would you like to use HP Auto Wireless Connect”.
  • Choose “YES” and complete the process as per the instructions.

Note: With HP Auto Wireless Connect, save your Wi-Fi details on the HP printer. Thus, you can connect automatically to the same wireless network every time. 

HP Wireless Setup Wizard  :

  • Switch on the HP printer and access its printer panel.
  • Tap the wireless icon and go to its settings.
  • Then, choose the wireless setup wizard to continue the process.
  • Now, several wireless networks display on the printer screen.
  • Choose your network name and enter the passcode.
  • Now, follow the steps on the 123hp.com wireless setup manual and finish the process.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup :

  • First, make sure that your Wi-Fi router and HP printer support WPS pushbutton mode.
  • Then, enable the pushbutton mode on your HP printer.
  • Move on to your wireless router and press the WPS button within 2 minutes.
  • In case you do not have push button mode, you can use WPA or WPA2 security.
  • Use the 123.hp.com/setup manual for HP printer Wifi Protected Setup.

USB Setup for Wireless :

  • Switch on your HP printer and a compatible computer.
  • Take the USB cable and connect the computer and printer temporarily.
  • Then, download and install the HP printer setup drivers from the 123.hp.com driver page. You can get the recent version drivers from 123.hp.com for HP Printer setup.
  • Choose your connection type – either wired or wireless mode.
  • Now, complete the process with the on-screen steps.
  • Ensure that your HP printer is not in connection with your computer until the wizard prompts.

123 HP Wireless Mobile Printing

123 HP Airprint

AirPrint is mainly for mac users. It is a built-in feature for Apple computers and mobiles. With this, you can print high-quality photos or files without installing drivers from a 123.hp.com/setup.

123 HP Cloud Print

Print photos and documents with HP printer using Google cloud print. This service is completely free. Moreover, to print using this service, use the steps on the 123 hp com setup manual.

123.hp.com/setup support

123 HP ePrint

Now, you can print files from anywhere with the ePrint service. ePrint is a cloud-based printing service. With this, you can mail the photos or documents to your HP printer directly to print.

123 HP Mopria Print

Now, you can print with a 123hpcom printer using the Mopria Service Plugin. This is an app exclusively for Android devices. The app is compatible with Android 4.4, Amazon Fire 5.0, and HP Slate tablet with Android OS 4.1.

HP Printer Scan Update FAQ’s

How to Scan on HP Printer?

How to begin my scan update?

  • When you scan any document or photo with hp 123 com printer, you may get an OS update notification. If you get such notification, update your device OS.
  • After that, install or update the existing HP printer drivers compatible with your OS. Compatible drivers from 123hp-printer-setup.co-driver page are necessary to scan documents or photos.

HP Scan Smart App

  • With the HP Scan Smart App, you can scan photos or documents with an hp 123 printer to your device.
  • Install HP smart on your computer from 123.hp.com driver page and add your HP printer to it. Then, load the document you want to scan into the printer.
  • Now, open the HP smart app, select your printer and scan the document.

How to Update the HP Printer?

How to update HP Printer?

  • Access the control panel and go to device manager. Now, you see the list of hardware and on your computer. Then, find your HP printer and open its properties.
  • Now, choose “driver tab” and then click the option “Update Driver”.

Notify the Direct Updates on your Computer

  • When you set up HP printer for the first time, download the latest drivers and software from hp123com driver page.
  • While downloading and installing HP printer setup drivers, you may see an alert to update your OS version. If you get this notification, update your OS to install the compatible drivers from hp 123.com.
  • Compatible drivers can enhance the functioning of the printer. Moreover, suitable drivers are necessary to use all the features of HP printer.