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hp oj 3833 usb setup

123 HP Officejet 3833 USB Printer Setup for Windows

Step 1: Prepare Officejet 3833 for the printer setup
You should have the following things handy before starting the installation process. You have to uninstall the old printer driver from your computer. Make sure you have the prerequisite for the setup process.

  • For instant installation, keep your printer in the active state.
  • Have a USB cable handy with normal length.
  • Inspect the USB ports on the computer. Always utilize the direct USB connection instead of using a USB hub or docking station.
  • The docking station or USB hub will not provide optimum power supply to the printer.
  • Initially, you need to disconnect the USB cable from the computer. The screen will show up the prompt to connect the USB cable while installing the 123.hp.com/oj3833 driver.
  • From the Windows icon, find the Devices option and then select your printer from the device list.

Step 2: Install the driver and set up the connection
You have to choose the correct printer device from the list of options available. If you choose the printer drivers with most features, then your printer will support almost all the features.

  • Go to the 123 hp setup oj3833 and find the appropriate printer drivers using the Printer model number.
  • Depending on the HP printer model, HP Easy Start downloads on the computer.
  • After the downloading of HP Easy Start app, you can go through the on-screen prompts.
  • Using the on-screen instructions, you can view the downloaded file.
  • Again you have to move to the official site to download the printer driver.
    • Enter your printer model when prompted and confirm the operating system version.

123hp oj 3833 usb setup

123 HP Officejet 3833 USB Printer Setup for Mac

Step 1: Prepare Officejet 3833 for the printer setup
If you are installing the printer driver for the first time, there is no issue. If your computer has the driver installed on it, check if it is compatible or not.

  • Make sure you have the installation requirements including a computer, network and internet access.
  • HP suggests broadband internet setup for 123.hp.com/3833 software downloads and printer updates.
  • Check it once whether the wireless router and computer have turned on.
  • Always utilize the same wireless network to configure the computer and 123.hp.com/setup 3833 printer.
  • Then setup the printer and feed the paper tray with neat paper and install the ink cartridges.
  • It is important that during the installation process, you need to turn on the printer and keep it within the range of the router.

Step 2: Install the driver and set up the connection
To start the installation process, you need to have certain services available including a computer connected to the internet, internet access and HP printer.

  • The printer should have any USB cables connected to it. If anything connected to it, disconnect them all.
  • You have to open the search engine and click on Download to launch the HP Easy Start App.
  • From the options, choose My Printer Is Not shown when prompted.
  • Click on Continue and then choose Wireless network option.
  • Check the Wireless network (if applicable) option from the options list.
  • To complete the setup, you need to click on Continue and then follow the on-screen prompts.
  • If the download fails at any cause, again perform the steps once again.
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hp support for usb issues

HP Officejet 3833 USB Troubleshooting

HP officejet 3833 USB Scanner Connection Error

This is the common error that occurs both on the Windows and Mac computer connected to the printer. This section includes the steps for fixing this issue on Windows and Mac computers.
For Windows,

  • Make use of the Print and Scan Doctor software that diagnoses and resolved the issue automatically.
  • Check the Windows Image Acquisition settings and reinstall the suitable hp 3833 printer driver.

For Mac,

  • If the printer has turned on already, turn it off and leave it idle for 2 minutes.
  • After 2 minutes, turn on the printer using the power button.
  • Delink and connect the USB cable again. And then try to connect to a different USB port.
  • Delete the printer and re-add it to the Mac.
  • Remove and install the new printer driver.
‘Device Setup Failed’ or ‘Unknown Device’ Message Displays During hp 3833 USB Installation

This error may occur after connecting the USB cable during the printer driver installation. You can fix the issue at the early with these steps.

  • Disconnect and reconnect the USB cable to re-establish the connection between the printer and computer.
  • Analyze the USB connection on the USB port.
  • The USB cable may have a problem with it, so try to connect with different USB cable.
  • Detach all the USB-devices connected to the computer. Your printer may not receive the sufficient power supply if more printers have connected to the printer.
  • Reset the USB connection between the 123.hp.com/oj3833 printer and computer.
  • To update the 123.hp.com/3833 driver software, refresh the Windows Device Manager.
  • Delete the unnecessary file and folders from the computer.
  • Turning off the background Apps may resolve this issue.