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hp deskjet 4130e usb setup

hp deskjet 4130e setup

123 HP deskjet 4130e USB Printer Setup for Windows

Step 1: Prepare deskjet 4130e for the printer setup

  • Power up the Windows device.
  • Go for Change device installation settings and continue.
  • Activate the HP deskjet 4130e printer.
  • Now, take a stable USB cable and connect it to the HP printer.
  • Connect the other end of the USB cord to the Windows OS.
  • Access the option- Add a printer or scanner.
  • Now, the Windows device searches for the available printers.
  • Once you find your HP printer, click on it.
  • Continue with the on-screen procedure and finish the process.

Step 2: Install the deskjet 4130e driver and set up the connection

  • To begin with, turn on the Windows computer.
  • Know the OS version of your Windows device.
  • Ensure that the computer has a secure wireless connection.
  • After that, download the HP deskjet 4130e driver on the device.
  • Run the driver file on the device and proceed with the wizard steps.
  • Choose USB setup mode to connect the printer and device when the wizard asks.
  • Finish the driver installation process using the on-screen steps.
  • Now, open a file on the Windows computer.
  • Print the file as a sample to ensure proper HP deskjet 4130e USB setup.

123hp deskjet 4130e usb setup

123 HP deskjet 4130e USB Printer Setup for Mac

Step 1: HP deskjet 4130e Printer Setup

  • Switch on the Mac computer and ensure to have stable internet.
  • Click on the Apple menu and choose System Preferences.
  • Update or install the HP deskjet 4130e driver
  • Insert the ink cartridges into the printer ink cartridge slots.
  • Load suitable sheets in the printer paper tray.
  • Connect the USB cord between Mac PC and the printer port.
  • Access the System Preferences option and select- Printers & Scanners.
  • Click on your HP printer name from the list.
  • Move on with the wizard steps and finish the hp.com/deskjet4130e setup process.

Step 2: HP deskjet 4130e Driver Install

  • Switch on the Mac computer system.
  • Go to the device settings and find the exact OS version.
  • Ensure that the device has a secure wireless connection.
  • Find HP deskjet 4130e driver suitable for your OS version.
  • Once you find the compatible driver file, download it on the computer.
  • Open the downloaded driver file to start with its installation process.
  • Continue with the driver setup process and complete the driver installation.
  • After that, open a document on the preferred computer.
  • Choose the print option and print the document.
  • Finally, check the print and ensure that the HP deskjet 4130e driver setup is proper.
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hp support for usb issues

HP deskjet 4130e USB Troubleshooting

HP deskjet 4130e USB Scanner Connection Error

  • Download Print and Scan doctor on the device.
  • Then, install the Print and Scan doctor on the device with the on-screen steps.
  • After that, remove the USB cable connection between the printer and the computer.
  • Access the device control panel and go to Programs and Features.
  • Choose- Uninstall a program; a list of installed programs will be on the screen.
  • Uninstall the HP deskjet 4130e printer scanner from the device.
  • Download the compatible printer driver and install it on the computer.
  • During the driver installation, choose a mode to connect the devices.
  • After driver setup, try scanning with HP deskjet 4130e printer.

For additional support on HP deskjet 4130e USB scanner error, contact us.

‘Device Setup Failed’ or ‘Unknown Device’ Message Displays During hp 4130e USB Installation

  • Unplug the USB cable from the device.
  • After a few seconds, plug in the USB cord again to the computer.
  • Then, take another USB cord and connect its one end to the wall port.
  • Connect the USB cord’s other end to the HP deskjet4130e printer port.
  • Uninstall the printer driver from the computer.
  • Download the compatible deskjet4130e driver on your computer.
  • Now, reinstall the printer driver on the device with the on-screen steps.
  • Finally, restart the device.

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