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123hp 4130e eprint setup

123 HP deskjet 4130e eprint Setup

HP ePrint is amazing mobile printing technology. It helps you print top-quality documents and photos easily. With this software, print documents quickly with an email.

How to setup HP deskjet 4130e ePrint

The general procedure to set up ePrint on HP deskjet 4130e printer is:

  • Switch on the HP printer, wireless router, and computer.
  • Configure the computer and deskjet 4130e printer to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Remove the USB cable from the printer.
  • Download the latest version of the HP deskjet 4130e driver.
  • Choose the HP ePrint option given on the printer panel.
  • Continue with the instructions on the printer screen.
  • Log on to your ePrint account.
How to print utilizing the HP ePrint App?

HP ePrint app helps the users to print from the HP ePrint-enabled printer. Before using the printer, ensure that the printer and device have the same Wi-Fi network.

The instructions to print using the HP ePrint App are:

  • Move on to your computer and switch it on.
  • Open a file on the device using the Recent Files option.
  • Choose the option- edit and make changes in the print settings.
  • Now, select – Done and choose the option- Print.

hp deskjet 4130e eprint setup

How to Print deskjet 4130e with HP ePrint?

Printing from an deskjet 4130e printer is not a tough job. Moreover, printing becomes an easy process with HP ePrint. For this, you need to have the email address of the HP printer.

Step 1: Print from a PC or Chromebook

With HP ePrint, printing from Chromebook or PC is easily possible. The basic instructions for executing this process are:

To print a document from your computer

  • Firstly, compose a new email by using your email account.
  • Now, you have to provide the email address of the HP deskjet 4130e printer.
  • Finally, link your document to the email ID and choose the option- Send.

To print an email

  • To begin with, choose the email ID that you want to use for printing.
  • After that, choose the option- Forward.
  • Now, enter the email ID in the required place and choose the Send option.

To print a webpage

  • Move on to the webpage, which you need to print.
  • After that, press the keys- Ctrl and A for highlighting the webpage.
  • Then, press the keys- Ctrl and C for copying the page.
  • Compose the mail with the file and sent it to the printer’s mail id.
Step 2: Print from a smartphone or tablet

HP ePrint technology makes the printing task an easier and simpler one. With this technology, the user can print from the iPad, smartphone, iPod, tablet, and iPad. For this, you have to send the email to the email ID of the HP printer.

To print a document or photo saved on your device

  • Turn on the document and open a file using HP ePrint.
  • Then, choose the option- Share.
  • Compose a new email with a document attached to it.
  • Provide the printer’s email ID on the space given in front of “To Address”.
  • Send the mail and start printing the document.

To print an email

  • Move on to the email that you want to print.
  • Choose the Forward option.
  • Enter the email address of your HP deskjet 4130e printer.
  • Finally, send the email.

To print a webpage

  • Open the webpage, which you need to print.
  • Select and copy the required page content.
  • Open a new blank document and paste the content you copied.
  • Save the document on the computer.
  • Finally, mail the same document to the email address of your HP deskjet printer.
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Change the HP ePrint email address

When the web service activates, the HP ePrint generates a different email address for the HP printer. To change the email ID, the HP deskjet 4130e printer should have an account on HP Connect.

  • To begin with, log on to the HP connected account.
  • Select the desired printer name and go to the Settings option.
  • Make changes in the printer settings as per the requirements.
  • Now, move on to the ePrint settings and choose that tab, which has an email address.
  • Provide the new HP email ID in the given space and choose the button- submit.
Printing a document or photo using ePrint setup
  • Activate the HP deskjet 4130e printer.
  • Load the deskjet 4130e paper tray with a bunch of suitable sheets.
  • Then, install the new ink cartridges into the printer cartridge slots.
  • Ensure that the device and printer are in connection to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Now, activate the web services and search for HP ePrint mail address.
  • Select the options menu and choose- Display Email Address.
  • Attach a document to the email and sent it to the printer’s email address.
  • Once the printer gets the attached files, it will print them.