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123 HP Officejet 6300 Printer Scanning

HP Officejet 6300 printer is an all-in-one printer through which the users can easily print, scan, copy, and photo print with high-resolution quality. The duplex printing technology brings easy and convenient workability for the users while printing. Get connected with Windows or Mac devices to obtain flawless-colourful printing and scanning by basic software installation on HP Officejet 6300 printer.

How to scan on HP Officejet 6300 printer?

Below are the ways to install the HP Officejet 6300 Scan software installation.
Using CD-ROM

  • Insert HP scanning OS installation CD into the CD-ROM drive.
  • The installer may respond and start immediately, if not, click on start and run.
  • To install the HP Scanning software, connect with the on-screen instructions carefully.
  • Once the HP Scanjet scanning OS is installed, turn off the computer.
  • Try to inter-link the cable connection on HP Officejet 6300 printer and scanner. The corresponding end to the wall outlet.
  • Restart the computer, a new window will pop up stating new hardware found.
  • Now, the system will restart with its required drivers.


  • Using the HP scanning from hp.com/support/oj6300, download the HP Officejet 6300 scanning software and save it on the system.
  • Use the save this program to disk option on Windows.
  • Now, double-click the downloaded file.
  • Select Unzip. Now, the program will run automatically.
  • Follow the provided On-screen guidelines to install HP Scanning software.

HP Officejet 6300 scan to a computer:

  • Double-click the icon on the computer for HP Officejet 6300 printer series.
  • Further, the printer assistant window will open automatically.
  • Using the scan option, choose Scan to the computer.
  • In case, the scanner is already enabled. Click disable and then enable it once again.
  • Now, select the required document or file from the computer which is connected.
  • Finally, using the scan option on the computer, search HP Officejet 6300 printer and start scanning the files.
  • HP Officejet 6300 printer scanner is connected effectively to a compatible computer device.
  • With the help of this scanning feature, HP Officejet 6300 printer setup can also get supported through wireless.

Scan using the HP Smart app

  • Add the hp Officejet 6300 printers to the device list and download the HP Smart app from the app store.
  • Open the HP Smart app and click the tile which is there to scan documents. The document gets scanned once you have clicked on a tile.

Scan using Web Scan

  • Verify the IP address and open the server.
  • Choose the Settings tile. Search for Administrator Settings in the Security menu. Finally, touch the Web Scan from EWS complete hp Officejet 6300.

How to scan on HP Officejet 6300 to windows?

On the interface of scanner and computer, the system must get complete HP Officejet 6300 setup and be free from other OS installation process prior.

HP Officejet 6300 Scan on Windows 10 computer:

  • To scan documents and photos effectively on Windows 10 device, download HP Smart app from App store.
  • using the HP Smart app home page, select the scan option.
  • Further, start the app using the get started option.
  • On the top menu bar option, do what is necessary on scanner, import, and camera setup options.
  • Scanner: Here, feed the required document on the printer scanner glass or by the automatic document feeder option.
  • Import: On the windows 10 device, select the required document or photo to be scanned and edit if required.
  • Camera: If required, turn on the Mac device webcam to capture, edit the document to be scanned.
  • Select the auto enhancement icon to toggle features on and off.
  • Now, click the scan option and have a preview of the selected document.
  • Adjust the requirements using the edit window on the system.

HP Officejet 6300 Scan to computer – windows 7/8:

Choose scan from the search result.

  • On the Officejet 6300 scanner, place the document to be scanned upside down on the scanner flatbed and close the top lid.
  • Open the App Store and try to download the HP Scan application and capture the app.
  • Once the download is done, install it on the windows 7 or 8 system.
  • using the menu button, alter the settings required from the list.
  • Choose the device and select HP Officejet 6300 printer from it.
  • Use the document scan option to make required changes.
  • Finally, tap the Capture Document option and save the scanned file on windows 7 or 8 respectively.
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How to Scan on HP Officejet 6300 to Mac?

  • To scan documents and photos effectively on the Mac device, download HP Easy scan app from the App store.
  • Using the HP Smart app home page, select the scan option.
  • Further, start the app using the get started option.
  • Using the Scanner drop-down option, select the HP Officejet 6300 printer name.
  • On the Presets option, choose the scan job type.
  • Further, go with the scan option.
  • Make some adjustments to the colors, straighten the scan or crop the size.
  • On a Mac device, using the scan image capture option, scan the selected document.
  • Do the required editing work by using the edit option.
  • Now, look for a preview option using the Mac system.