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123hp 6030e scan setup

123 HP Envy 6030e Printer Scanning

HP Envy 6030e printer is an excellent printer for scanning purposes. Read on and understand how to set up the scanner software.

HP envy 6030e Scanning software installation

To install HP Envy 6030e scanning software on the device, follow the procedure shown below:

  • Activate the HP Envy 6030e printer and the computer.
  • Take a bunch of sheets and place them in the printer paper tray.
  • Remove the coverings from the ink cartridges.
  • After that, move on to the printer cartridge slots and open them.
  • Insert the ink cartridges into the cartridge slots and close them.
  • Download the software (HP Smart App) on the preferred computer.
  • Now, install the software using the procedure given on the device.
  • After software installation, place a paper on the printer scanner glass.
  • Now, make sure that the printer side is facing downwards.
  • Open the installed scan software and try scanning a document.
HP envy 6030e Scan to a computer

For HP Envy 6030e scan to a computer, implement the steps below:

  • To begin with, download HP Smart App on the Windows or Mac device.
  • Then, install HP Smart App on the computer using the on-screen steps.
  • Place your Wi-Fi router near the HP Envy 6030e printer.
  • Now, ensure that printer paper contains suitable sheets.
  • After that, open the installed HP Smart App.
  • Add the HP Envy 6030e printer to the app with the wizard steps.
  • Then, choose the Scan option on the app home screen.
  • Place a suitable document on the HP Envy 6030e printer scanner glass.
  • Choose the scan job type, color, size, and adjust the resolution settings.
  • Select the scan option and finish the process with the on-screen steps.

hp 6030e scan for window and Mac

Scan to a computer for windows & Mac

Scan to a computer for Window

Do you have a Windows computer and want to connect it with the Envy 6030e printer for scanning? No issues. Here is the standard procedure for this process. Follow the instructions to scan from Windows versions 8 and 7.

For Windows 8

  • Switch on the Windows 8 device.
  • After that, check the device and confirm that it has stable internet.
  • Download and set up HP Smart App on the Windows 8 device.
  • Open the HP Smart App, and you will see the Scan option on its home screen.
  • Now, place the document you want to scan on the automatic document feeder.
  • Choose the Scan job type, color, as well as size.
  • After that, make changes in the resolution settings as per the requirements.
  • Choose the option- Scan and make settings change in the Scan window.
  • Now, click on the Auto Enhancement icon and click on the Scan option.

For Windows 7

  • To begin with, power up the Windows 7 operating system.
  • Now, ensure that the Windows 7 device has a stable wireless connection.
  • Download HP Smart App and install it on the Windows 7 version computer.
  • Access the HP Smart App software and go to its home screen.
  • Choose the Scan option and place the file on the printer scanner glass.
  • Then, select the option- Scan job type, scan size, and color.
  • Now, make necessary changes in scan resolution based on the requirements.
  • Click on the option -> Scan and change the Scan settings.
  • Select the icon- Auto Enhancement and click- Scan.
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Scan to a computer for Mac
  • Activate the Mac computer and HP Envy 6030e printer.
  • Now, connect the printer to the router’s Wi-Fi network.
  • After that, connect the device to the same router wireless network.
  • Feed the Envy 6030e paper tray with suitable sheets.
  • Then, install the genuine ink cartridges into the printer cartridge slots.
  • Open the HP Envy 6030e printer scanner lid and keep the document on its scanner glass.
  • Ensure that the printer side is facing down on the printer scanner glass.
  • Download HP Easy Scan and install it on the computer.
  • Open the software and choose the scanner drop-down menu.
  • Select your HP printer name and click on the scan job type.
  • Choose – Scan and make changes in the scan settings.
  • Continue with the wizard steps and finish the process.