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123 HP Deskjet 980c Printer Scanning

HP Deskjet 980c printer is an ultra-compact device, on which the users can utilize various features with mobile printing services using HP Smart app, Apple AirPrint, Mopria certified. Get the technology at your fingertip, just by easy and user-friendly handling setups. HP Deskjet 980c printer is best for implementing rich-quality printing through quick printer setup and easy to connect with various compatible devices. The scan detailing is done through a contact image sensor with 1200*1200 dpi resolution.

HP Deskjet 980c Scanning software installation

Using CD-ROM

  • Initially, insert the required HP scanning Software CD into the CD-ROM drive.
  • Wait till the installer responds and starts with the device. If not, restart the connection.
  • Follow the given instruction to install the HP scan software on the computer.
  • Once the system notifies the installation completed alert. Instantly, turn off the computer.
  • Further, provide connections between HP Deskjet 980c printer and scanner.
  • Now, restart the computer, you will find a new pop-up window stating new hardware found.
  • Finally, the computer will restart automatically with its necessary drivers to fulfill the scanning software installation.


  • Use the HP scanning from hp.com/support/dj980c, download the HP Deskjet 980c scanning software and save it on the system.
  • Select the ‘Save this program to disk’ option on the system.
  • Double-click the downloaded file to open.
  • Click on Unzip, the file will function automatically using the Auto-run command.
  • With the help of on-screen instructions, install HP Scanning software.

HP Deskjet 980c Scan to a computer

  • Double-click the printer icon on the computer to know the printer series.
  • Now, on the printer assistant window, select the scan option.
  • Followed by scan to computer option.
  • If you find the scanner is default enabled, try to disable and enable it again.
  • Choose the document to be scanned from the desired computer.
  • Search for HP Deskjet 980c printer and start scanning the selected file using the scan option.
  • Finally, now the computer can support the scan option instantly.
  • If required, try to connect wirelessly to establish the added feature on scanning.

Scan to a computer for windows & Mac

Scan to a computer for Window

Ensure the connected system must be full-fledged to work with all the drivers and other software before connecting with HP Deskjet 980c printer.

For windows 7 or 8

  • Using the search tab, select scan.
  • Place the document to be scanned on the provided scanner flatbed in the facing down position and close the top cover safely.
  • From the App Store, download the HP Scan application and capture the app.
  • Now, install it on the windows 7 or 8 system.
  • On the settings option, do the required alterations from the list.
  • Select the device and choose HP Deskjet 980c printer from it.
  • Using the document scan option, do the required changes.
  • To end up, select the Capture Document option and save them on windows 7 or 8

For windows10:

  • To start the scan option on windows 10, download the HP Smart app from the App store.
  • On the HP Smart app home page, choose the scan tile option and proceed with the start option on the app.
  • Using the top menu bar option, do the scanner, import, and camera setup options.
  • Scanner: place the required documents to be scanned on the provided flatbed. If supported, use the automatic document feeder option.
  • Import: On windows 10, import is the place to edit the document or photo to be scanned, if needed.
  • Camera: Try to capture the document to be scanned using a windows 10 webcam and edit.
  • Click the auto enhancement icon to toggle features on and off.
  • Select the scan and preview option to start the scanning process instantly.
  • If required, edit the document on the preview page using the edit window on the connected system.
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Scan to a computer for Mac

  • Download HP Easy scan app from the App store to start the scanning document and photos features on Mac.
  • On the HP Easy Scan app home page, choose scan tile to start acquisition on the selected file.
  • Now, click on the start option to start the applications. On the Scanner drop-down option, pick HP Deskjet 980c printer.
  • Using presets option, select the scan job type.
  • Click the scan option and do the necessary adjustments like colors, crop the file size, straighten the scan option.
  • On your Mac device, select the scan image capture option, to start scanning the chosen file/document.
  • Use the preview option on Mac, and edit if needed using the edit option simultaneously.