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  • HP Envy 6455e installation
  • How to add envy 6455e to computer
  • How to install hp envy 6455e driver to laptop
  • How to connect hp envy 6455e to wifi
  • Hp envy 6455e wont connect usb
  • Wi-fi direct printing for hp envy 6455e
  • hp.123.install envy 6455e
  • How to check the ip address on hp envy 6455e

123.hp.com/envy6455e driver download

HP Envy 6455e Features

123.hp.com/Envy6455e Features

Envy 6455e Print

The HP Envy 6455e printer has several print features. It has a resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi for printing jobs. The print speed of this computer is 6.8 ppm for color and 9.5 ppm for black prints.

Envy 6455e Scan

The scan speed of the HP Envy 6455e printer is four ppm in color and eight ppm in mono. For scanning, it has 256 gray scale levels and 24-bit color. It supports scan to email, file, or PDF.

Envy 6455e Copy

The HP Envy 6455e printer is compatible with the copying process along with printing and scanning. It has a copy speed of 4 cpm in color and 7.5 cpm in black. The HP printer supports copying 50 copies.

HP Envy 6455e Printer Setup

123.hp.com/Envy6455e Printer Setup

HP Envy 6455e First time printer Setup
  • Take the new printer package and place it in a safe place.
  • Open the box and take the HP printer out.
  • Remove the packaging materials from the 123.hp.com/envy450 printer.
  • Tear off the packing covers from the USB cable.
  • Open the paper tray of the printer and feed suitable sheets in it.
  • Now, close the HP Envy 6455e printer paper tray.
  • Open the ink cartridge slots of the HP printer.
  • Load ink cartridges and close the cartridge slots.
How to Setup/Install 123.hp.com 6455e Printer
  • Connect the HP printer to the secure power port with a USB cable.
  • ON the power port and press the printer power button.
  • Once the printer gets ON, move on to its settings option.
  • Make changes in the 123 hp Envy 6455e settings based on the requirements.
  • Switch on the computer and ensure to have a secure Wi-Fi connection.
  • Download HP Envy 6455e driver on the device.
  • Then, install the printer driver on the computer with the on-screen steps.
  • Finally, take a print as a sample.
To enjoy a smooth hp printer functions or to fix the issues with an instant solution, Call Us
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HP Envy 6455e Printer Driver

123.hp.com/Envy6455e Driver Download

123 HP Envy 6455e Driver Install For Windows

Here are the basic steps for HP Envy 6455e driver setup on Windows OS:

  • Turn on the Windows device and confirm to have a stable wireless connection.
  • Then, search for the compatible HP Envy 6455e driver.
  • Once you find it, download the driver on the Windows OS.
  • Run the HP 6455e driver file on the device.
  • Proceed with the wizard instructions and install the driver on the device.
123 HP Envy 6455e Driver Install For Mac

The general steps for HP Envy 6455e driver setup on Mac OS are:

  • Power up the Mac device and know the OS version.
  • Ensure the internet in the device is stable, and get a suitable printer driver on it.
  • Extract the printer driver file on the Mac operating system.
  • Continue with the set of procedures shown on the wizard.
  • Finish the HP Envy 6455e driver setup process and take a test print.

123 hp 6455e Support

123 HP Envy 6455e Platform Support


Windows is the best operating system and is compatible with HP Envy 6455e printer. With suitable driver installation on Windows, users can use all the print features.


Mac OS is compatible with almost all HP Envy printers. Setup the suitable hp envy 6455e driver software on the Mac OS and enjoy all the printer features.


Smartphones have become important to everyone’s life. The HP Envy 6455e printer supports printing from smartphones without any hassle.


The HP Envy 6455e printer is compatible with printing from Tablets. To print from Tablet, you need to download and install some special plug-ins.

123 hp 6455e Services

123 HP Envy 6455e Web Services

HP Envy 6455e Printer Web Services Setup
  • Check and confirm that the Ethernet port on the Envy6455e printer is perfect.
  • The green light on the Ethernet should be steady.
  • The orange light needs to blink when the cable is in connection with Ethernet.
  • Access the HP Envy 6455e printer control panel and choose the icon- HP ePrint.
  • Choose the Web Services Setup and continue with the on-screen instructions.
  • Finish the ongoing process.
How to Remove Web Services from HP Envy 6455e Printer
  • Power on your HP Envy 6455e printer and access its control panel.
  • After that, press the icon – HP ePrint.
  • Then, choose the Settings option and go to Web Services Setup.
  • Now, choose the Turn-Off option.
  • Select- Remove or Disable option.
  • Continue with the wizard steps and turn off Web Services.
HP Envy 6455e Steps to setup wireless Printer

The basic steps for wireless network setup on HP Envy 6455e printer are:

  • Access the preferred computer and check the Wi-Fi is stable in it.
  • Then, move on to the printer panel and access the Setup option.
  • Go for the printer network and access the wireless setup wizard.
  • After that, tap on your preferred Wi-Fi network name.
  • Continue to enter the network password.
  • Finally, use the wizard steps and finish the HP Envy 6455e Wi-Fi Setup.
HP envy 6455e Steps to change your network settings

The general procedure to change HP envy 6455e printer network settings is:

  • To begin with, get the IP address and access the HP Device Toolbox.
  • Now, you can modify the IP configuration.
  • Try to print the configuration page and get the IP address.
  • Choose the Start option and access the HP Device Toolbox.
  • Select – All Programs and click on the HP Product Settings.
  • Choose the Networking tab and make changes in the settings.

123 hp 6455e Mobile Prining

123 HP Envy 6455e Wireless Mobile Printing


AirPrint is a technology from Apple. It allows you to print from HP printers without downloading or installing drivers.


HP ePrint helps the users to print documents by emailing them to the email address of the HP Envy 6455e printer.

Cloud Print

With Google Cloud Print, you can print over the web from everywhere. It includes printing from your phone to the printer.

Mopria Print

With Mopria Print Service, you can print over Wi-Fi Direct or Wi-Fi from your tablet or smartphone.

123 hp 6455e Problem fix

123.hp.com/Envy6455e Troubleshooting

HP Envy 6455e Printer Not Found During Installation
  • Firstly, check the HP 6455e printer tray and ensure that the sheets are suitable.
  • Activate the HP Envy 6455e printer and computer.
  • Download the required software- HP Print and Scan Doctor.
  • Continue as per the wizard steps and install – HP Print and Scan Doctor.
  • Open the software and choose the Start option to select your HP printer.

If you find any difficulty during this process, contact us.

How to Check HP Envy 6455e Ink or Toner Levels
  • To start with, access the printer control panel.
  • Search for the ink drop icon on the printer panel.
  • Once you find the icon, choose it.
  • After that, click on the cartridge icon on the control panel.
  • Click the option – Toner Level Indicator or Ink Levels menu.

For additional assistance on checking toner or ink levels, call us.

123 HP Envy 6455e Slow Printing Issue
  • Turn on the HP Envy 6455e printer and move on to the settings.
  • Check and confirm the printer settings are correct.
  • After that, switch on the computer.
  • Access the HP Envy 6455e driver settings.
  • Now, ensure that the printer is set in draft or normal mode.
  • If the printer is not in the draft or normal, set it on either of the modes.

Contact our tech experts for more guidance to fix this problem.

HP Envy 6455e Printer network issues
  • Ensure that the connection between the printer and device is stable.
  • Deactivate the network hub and wireless router.
  • Activate the wireless router and network hub after some time.
  • Check and make sure that the spyware protection program is in disable mode.
  • Now, ensure that the printer and computer have the same subnet.
  • Finally, check to confirm network issues are not there in the printer.

If still, the Envy 6455e printer shows network issues, contact us.

hp 6455e support

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