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123.hp.com/setup 5076 Printer Overview

The HP Deskjet 5076 printer is the best solution for print, copy, scan, and fax. It is compatible with printing from your mobile devices. However, for this, you need Apple AirPrint, HP Smart App, and Mopria-Certified.

The input paper tray capacity is 100 sheets, 25 sheets, and 40 cards & the output tray is 25 sheets. It supports a borderless printing feature and has 2 print cartridges (1 black and 1 tri-color). The 123.hp.com/setup 5076 printer makes use of HP Thermal Inkjet as the print technology and supports the auto duplex printing feature.

123.hp.com/setup 5076

HP Deskjet 5076 Printer Setup – 123.hp.com/setup 5076

The step-by-step procedure for HP Deskjet 5076 printer setup is:

  • Take the printer out from the pack and keep it near to a power port.
  • Now, take a stable USB cord and remove the covering from it.
  • Connect the USB cord to the power port and HP Deskjet 5076 Printer USB.
  • Activate the power port and press the printer power button.
  • Once the printer activates, make changes in its settings as per the requirements.
  • Then, remove the packing materials from the ink cartridges.
  • Open the 123.hp.com/setup 5076 printer ink cartridge slots.
  • Load the new ink cartridges into the slots and close the slots.
  • Open the printer input paper tray.
  • Keep the compatible papers on the paper tray and close the tray.
  • Power up the computer and download the hp Deskjet 5076 driver on it.
  • Install the printer driver on the computer using the wizard steps.
  • Connect the printer and device using a wired or wireless method.
  • Finally, take a sample print to complete the 123.hp.com/setup 5076 Process.

123.hp.com/dj5076 Features


The basic functionality of the 123.hp.com/Deskjet5076 printer is the print feature. For this, you need to have built-in drivers and software to take printouts. Setting up the HP printer for the print function is not so difficult.


For a better scanning experience, the 123hp printer should have the appropriate HP Deskjet 5076 driver software. The commonly used software for the scan is HP Scan software. You can install it from the App Store to your device and scan your documents.


Have a look at this 123 hp Deskjet 5076 manual to know how to set up the copy function on your printer. You can set the Change Default option for the most frequently used item. Any time you can change the copy settings.


You can use the 123 HP printer for sending and receiving a fax. HP Deskjet 5076 Printer fax both black & white and color print-outs depending on the requirement. The only thing that you connect a printer to the system for faxing.

HP Deskjet 5076 Driver Download

HP Deskjet 5076 driver installation with cd

Installing HP Deskjet 5076 driver using CD is simple and quick. For this, you require a stable computer with a perfect CD slot and driver setup CD. The basic instructions for installing HP Deskjet 5076 driver using CD ROM are:

  • To begin with, power up the Mac or Windows computer.
  • Ensure that the computer is faultless.
  • Open the CD slots and make sure that it does not have damage or problem.
  • Then, take the HP Deskjet 5076 driver CD from the cover.
  • Next, ensure that the CD has no damage.
  • After that, place the CD on the tray and close the CD slot.
  • Now, the driver CD will begin working on the computer.
  • Continue with the hp Deskjet 5076 driver setup steps given on the wizard.
  • Install the driver as per the on-screen procedure.
  • After that, open a document on the computer.
  • Choose the print option and take a sample print.

HP Deskjet 5076 driver installation without cd

HP Deskjet 5076 driver installation is also possible without the driver CD. For this, you need a computer, compatible driver, and internet connection. The general procedure for HP Deskjet 5076 driver download and set up on the computer is:

  • Switch ON the Windows or Mac
  • Ensure that the computer does not have any problem.
  • Check the device internet connection and confirm that it is stable.
  • Now, check the version of the device OS.
  • Search for HP Deskjet 5076 driver compatible with your device OS.
  • Once your find the compatible HP Deskjet 5076 driver, download it on the computer.
  • Access the folder where the driver file is and open the driver file.
  • Run the driver setup and continue with the on-screen
  • Choose the connectivity mode when the wizard asks.
  • Proceed and complete HP Deskjet 5076 driver installation on the device.
  • Finally, open a file and take a print of it as a sample to ensure proper driver setup.
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HP Deskjet 5076 Wireless Setup

How to connect hp Deskjet 5076 printer to wifi

Making a connection between HP Deskjet 5076 printer and the device with Wi-Fi is easy. Here are the standard steps for this process:

  • Turn ON the HP Deskjet 5076.
  • Power up the Windows or Mac computer.
  • Ensure that the computer has a stable wireless network.
  • Check the accurate OS version of your computer.
  • Find a suitable hp Deskjet 5076 printer driver for your computer.
  • Once you find a suitable driver, save it on the device.
  • Open the driver file and proceed with the driver setup steps shown on the screen.
  • You will see wired and wireless options to connect the printer and device.
  • Choose the wireless option for connecting the device and HP 5076 printer.
  • Continue with the on-screen steps and finish the hp Deskjet 5076 wifi setup
  • Now, open the document that you want to print.
  • Go to the File menu and choose the option- Print.
  • Adjust the print settings as per the requirement.
  • Get the print and check it to ensure the 123 hp Deskjet 5076 wireless setup is accurate.

HP Deskjet 5076 Wireless Setup Wizard

Setting up a wireless network on the HP Deskjet 5076 printer is not a difficult process. For this, you need two things. It includes a stable computer and wireless connection. If you have both, then use the procedure given below for HP Deskjet 5076 Wireless Setup is.

  • Power up the computer and ensure to have a stable Wi-Fi
  • After that, power up the HP Deskjet 5076 printer.
  • Wait till the printer activates completely.
  • Then, move on to the Deskjet printer screen and choose the Setup option.
  • Select the network menu and select the wireless setup wizard.
  • Now, a list of Wi-Fi networks appears on the printer screen.
  • Choose your device Wi-Fi network.
  • Then, continue until the wizard asks to enter the network password.
  • Enter the passcode of the network and proceed.
  • Finish HP Deskjet 5076 wireless setup process with the on-screen steps.
  • Now, load compatible papers on the printer paper tray.
  • Move on to the computer and open a document on it.
  • Choose the File menu and select the Print option.
  • Get the print and confirm the wireless setup is proper.

123 HP Deskjet 5076 Platform Support


Windows operating system is the most suitable OS to work with the HP 5076 Printer featuring compatible functions. Windows OS is frequently upgrading its feature to improve the standards of print quality.


Most of the HP Printer models work seamlessly with Mac devices. Enhance the printing experience for Apple users with many compatible features with HP Printers.


Smartphone has become a vital thing in day-to-day life. HP knows that and created printers that allow you to connect with your Smartphone. For printing from the Smart Phones, you can use the HP plug-in services.


For a convenient printing experience, HP has the option to print from Tablet. Make use of the specified plug-ins to print from the Tablet. All printer models support printing from Tablets.

Excited with the brand new HP printer but can’t set it up? Call us now!
123 hp customer support

HP Deskjet 5076 Troubleshooting

HP Deskjet 5076 Printer driver unavailable

Solve the HP Deskjet 5076 printer driver unavailable issue with the steps given below:

  • Download the software – HP Easy Start on your Mac/Windows computer.
  • Install the software using the instructions given by the wizard.
  • Move on to the installed software and open it.
  • Choose the “Scan Now” option given on the software.
  • Then, choose the displayed option- Update and finish the process.
  • After that, power off your Deskjet 5076 printer and Mac/Windows device.
  • Then, switch off the Wi-Fi router.
  • Activate your wireless router after a few minutes.
  • Then, activate the 123.hp.com/setup 5076 printer and preferred computer.

Contact our tech experts if you require more information on this process.

HP Deskjet 5076 Printer Offline Issues

The general procedure to solve the HP Deskjet 5076 printer offline problem is:

  • Switch off the HP 5076 printer and disconnect the USB cord from it.
  • Make a connection between the power port and printer with a USB cord.
  • Restart your HP 5076 printer and power up the computer.
  • Uninstall the HP Deskjet 5076 driver from the computer.
  • After that, remove the Deskjet 5076 printer from the device.
  • Download HP Smart App on the computer and install it as per the wizard steps.
  • Finally, add the Deskjet 5076 printer to the HP Smart App and complete the process.

If your HP Deskjet 5076 printer is still in offline mode, call our customer care team.

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